Comcast goes IPv6

Die Medien berichten von Unwetter und senden immer Sondersendungen zum Thema. Doch eigentlich ist es ein ganz normaler Winter, wie er sein sollte und lediglich nur lange nicht war. Jedenfalls war heute mal Gelegenheit zu einem Spaziergang durch Warnemünde:

Blick aus dem Fenster
Tiefversunken in einer Schneewehe
Parkbank in Schneewehe
Eisgrenze am Alten Strom
Eis auf dem Alten Strom
Häuser in der Alexandrinenstraße
Verschneiter Zaun
Stehtisch lädt ein
Mühlenstraße Richtung Kirchenplatz
Schneeberge in der Parkstraße
Schnee in der Nachmittagssonne
Geräumter Bürgersteig

Wenn das nicht so kalt wäre, würde ich ja fast nochmal des Nachts los wollen, aber sich dazu aufzuraffen, ist wiederum ein Thema für sich… 😉


4 thoughts on “Comcast goes IPv6

  1. same here, I have no problems with IPv6 and IPv4 for the same services (exim, apache, courier-imap, ejabberd) all support dual stacks. We had a fine IPv6 network at the Mönchengladbach BSP and I could connect to hosts that would be behind NAT otherwise which is one of IPv6's biggest bennefits from my point of view.

  2. Well, not being NATted does mean on the other side that you need to take care of services, for example by using a firewall on every host in your LAN, or by using a bridging firewall on your home gateway. But that's the only drawback of IPv6 I encountered so far… 😉

  3. Here in Austria, starting with this year we got your first (small) ISP ( to offer native IPv6 to their customers. From my experience with migration from a SixXs tunnel to a native connectivity the biggest problem today is the router/modem located at the customer. I had to buy an expensive Cisco 877W router to get all the features for IPv6 which were offered by my old WAG200 for IPv4.
    But at least i can confirm the increasing rate of IPv6 visitors on most of my services (SMTP and HTTP being the ones getting most of the IPv6 traffic).

  4. Hi,

    @ ” I know that in Asia IPv6 is more widely spread than anywhere else”

    How do you know that? I know it is said and repeated a lot, but I have never seen any facts about that.

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