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Since March/April 2000 I was deeply involved in Debian m68k and operated multiple m68k autobuilder for over a decade. In fact my Amiga 3000 named “arrakis” was the second buildd for m68k in addition to the Debian owned Amiga 3000UX named “kullervo”.

Back in that time there was some small website running on Kullervo to display some information about the Debian autobuilder. After some time we (as m68k porters) moved that webpage away from Kullervo to my root server. Step by step this site evolved to Buildd.Net and extended to other archs and “suites” beside unstable like backports or non-volatile. The project got more and more complex and beyond my ability to do a complete necessary rewrite.

So, in 2016 I asked for adoption of the project and in 2018 I shut it down, because (apparently) there was nobody taking over. From November 2005 until January 2018 I do have entries in my PostgreSQL database for Buildd.Net.

I think the data in the database might be interesting for those that want to examine that data. You can use the data to see how build times have increased over time, which e.g. led to the expulsion of m68k as release arch, because the arch couldn’t keep up anymore. I could imagine that you could do other interesting analysis with that data. For example how new versions of the toolchain increased the build times, maybe even if a specific version of e.g. binutils or gcc had a positive effect on certain archs, but a negative effect on other archs.

If there is interest in this data I could open the database to the public or even upload the dump of the database so that you can download and install it on your own.

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  1. I suggest you upload the data as an item to the Internet Archive, to Wikimedia Commons, or to a similar supposed so it can better survive changes and bitrot on your personal machines. Surely interesting data can be learnt from it!

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