Auch die schönste Zeit geht einmal vorüber und so habe ich letzte Woche Donnerstag bei meinem bisherigen Arbeitgeber AIDA ausgecheckt – nach über 11 Jahren! Auch wenn Corona an der gesamten Kreuzfahrtbranche nicht spurlos vorbeigegangen sind, war das nicht der Grund für den Wechsel. Es gab verschiedene Gründe, gerade jetzt zu kündigen und den Arbeitgeber… Continue reading Ausgecheckt!

Warnemünde Strukturkonzept 2020 – Die Quartiere

Schon seit längerem wird über eine Strukturkonzept in und für Warnemünde nachgedacht und geredet. Jetzt ist es mal wieder soweit: Auf werden die Einwohner aufgerufen, Feedback zu den aufgeführten Vorhaben zu geben und Ideen einzureichen. Hier nun mein Beitrag dazu… Quartiere Quartier 1 – Wohnen am Alten Strom Als Schwächen werden u.a. erneuerungsbedürftige Fußwege,… Continue reading Warnemünde Strukturkonzept 2020 – Die Quartiere

Jabber vs. XMPP

XMPP is widely – and mabye better – known as Jabber. This was more or less the same until Cisco bought Jabber Inc and the trademark. You can read more about the story on the website. But is there still a Jabber around? Yes, it is! But Cisco Jabber is a whole infrastructure environment:… Continue reading Jabber vs. XMPP

Too much disk IO on sda in RAID10 setup – part 2

Some days ago I blogged about my issue with one of the disks in my server having a high utilization and latency. There have been several ideas and guesses what the reason might be, but I think I found the root cause today: SMART Self-test log structure revision number 1Num  Test_Description    Status                  Remaining  LifeTime(hours)  LBA_of_first_error#… Continue reading Too much disk IO on sda in RAID10 setup – part 2

Xen randomly crashing server – part 2

Some weeks ago I blogged about “Xen randomly crashing server“. The problem back then was that I couldn’t get any information why the server reboots. Using a netconsole was not possible, because netconsole refused to work with the bridge that is used for Xen networking. Luckily my colocation partner connected the second network port of… Continue reading Xen randomly crashing server – part 2

Letsencrypt: challenging challenges solved

A few weeks ago I was wondering in Letsencrypt: challenging challenges about how to setup Letsencrypt when a domain is spread across several virtual machines (VM). One of the possible solutions would be to consolidate everything on one single VM, which is nothing I would like to do. The second option would need to generate the Letsencrypt… Continue reading Letsencrypt: challenging challenges solved

Bind9 vs. PowerDNS

Currently I’m playing around with DNSSEC. The handling of DNSSEC seems a little bit complex to me when looking at my current Bind9 setup. I was following the Debian Wiki page on DNSSEC and related links. The linked howto on HowToForge is a little bit outdated as it targeted to Squeeze. I’ve learned in the meanwhile that… Continue reading Bind9 vs. PowerDNS

Progress of m68k port

A few weeks ago on Christmas Wouter and I blogged about the successful reinstallation of m68k buildds after a very long period of years of inactivity. This even got us mentioned on Slashdot. It’s been now roughly 3 weeks since then and we made some sort of progress: shows now that we’re from 20%… Continue reading Progress of m68k port