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I don’t know if that’s a Linux related problem or not, but as I’m using my D90 with Linux only I experienced a problem with RAW images (*.nef files). Contrary to the JPEG images of the camera, I’m getting a ~10 pixel wide border on the right when loading it into GIMP, ufraw or digikams editor:

10 pixel border on NEF images

There’s no border with JPEGs or when I just display the NEF files in digikam. It’s rather annoying and I would appreciate any help, dear lazyweb, to get rid off that border.


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  1. There is already a way for the lenny installer; it automatically detects stuff that needs non-free firmware, asks if you want to add non-free to your sources.list and install the firmware (defaults to yes), if you keep the default of yes (or yes, I hate freedom) then it adds the firmware to the installer and to the installed system (along with non-free in your sources list). It also supports loading firmware of external media – USB keys etc/.

    The only other solution needed is for the kernel team to get off their lazy asses, not trust upstream to release a kernel that complies with the DFSG, not wait for Fedora to fix DFSG-issues for us, remove embedded non-free firmware and package it for non-free.

  2. The upstream policy is now to separate out firmware. This process is not yet complete, but no new drivers should be intermingled with firmware. So the problem is finite; in future we can exclude the firmware directory from upstream tarballs and move everything from there into firmware-nonfree.

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