Wouter replies to my blog post:

Well, we did, and we did. It’s just that in two years, several new kernel releases came out, and that also resulted in some new firmware blobs entering the kernel. This, in a way, is a relatively new issue.

Having said that, I do agree with his sentiment; even if they’re new issues, they could and should have been fixed ages ago. As I said in my ‘no more hitting’ post, too.

Well, yes, even if those firmware blob bugs from Etch have been sorted out some time ago, the problem itself still exists: there will ever be new firmware blobs and apparently there was no way found in the past 2 yours to deal with that. Otherwise there wouldn’t be a new GR about it – again. ­čśë

So, I think Wouter and I basically agree – and probably many others as well.

It would be really nice if Debian would find a solution that fits the users needs until the freeze of lenny+1 instead of fighting the problem with short time workarounds.
With solution I mean a proper way to enable the user to actually use the hardware s/he bought. I faced that kind of problem myself earlier this year when I realized that I couldn’t install Debian on some new Dell T105 out of the box.


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  1. There are fixes for the firmware issues, but no-one dares upload a linux-2.6 NMU. The other (non-firmware) DFSG issues that we've been ignoring for years are a bit more tricky.

  2. The thing you have missed is that the issues in lenny have been discovered a few months ago. The firmware issues that etch has released with have been fixed for quite some time.

  3. Well, the problem itself is the same: firmware blobs on one hand, DFSG and release on the other.
    The project could have found a solution during the last two years to deal with that problem. I'm quite sure that there will be some new firmware blobs in lenny+1 and history will repeat…

  4. I spent weeks working on firmware in lenny support in d-i, but people prefer to ignore this work and its results when they can wank at voting.

  5. True, I'm getting more and more the impression that many people are more insterested in discussing everything beyond any sane detail than actually do some work. Especially it's annoying when flame wars, erm, sorry, “discussions” are preventing people from working together.
    I can strongly disagree with some people but can still work professionally with them together. I have the impression that not many can or don't want to do that as well.

    Well, we'll see what comes out of this GR and how much sense this will make for lenny+1… but thanks for your work! ­čÖé

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