RAW/NEF images and border on the right

Wie jedes Jahr fand auch dieses Jahr wieder eine Aufführung des Weihnachtsoratoriums vom Warnemünder, in dem meine Freundin ist, und vom Wismarer Kirchenchor in der Warnemünder Kirche statt:

Weihnachtsoratorium in der Warnemünder Kirche

Man kann es nicht leugnen: Weihnachten rückt immer näher! 😉


11 thoughts on “RAW/NEF images and border on the right

  1. You are using UFRaw-0.13, which does not support the D90.

    UFRaw-0.14.1, which can be found in Experimental, supports the D90 and should solve your problem.

  2. Check the pixel dimensions of the resulting file vs the pixel dimensions of the camera generated JPEG and you'll notice a difference.
    It is meant to be cropped a bit.

  3. If you can post a nef file somewhere I can try to mess with it in Mac OS X and see if I can reproduce your problem.

  4. After installing ufraw_0.14.1-2_i386.deb the problem is still the same: a 10 px wide border on the right side. 🙁

    See the other comments for two example pictures…

  5. Hmmm, indeed:

    RAW: 4352×2868 px
    JPG: 4288×2848 px

    The manual states 4288×2848. If the RAW images are really different sized, I would expect the software to automatically crop the picture and not to display/add a 10 px border on the right side.

  6. but given that it is all reverse engineering, software needs to be updated for each new camera model.

    At least it opens. In the other world it might even have refused to do so.

  7. I am looking at the AMIGA photo with 0.14.1 and there is no border. I do see the border when I'm using 0.13.

    You can check the UFRaw version you are using in Options->About.

    The image size is 4310 x 2868. Camera makers crop some of the usable image for no apparent reason. UFRaw (through dcraw) shows all valid pixels.


  8. When I open the image with ufraw, everything is fine (except that the image is rendered too bright).
    But when I open the image via some other programs like Gimp or Qtpfsgui the border appears again.

    I wonder what Gimp is doing to get the border displayed as it seems to just call ufraw and let it open the image?

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