Wouter replies to my blog post: Well, we did, and we did. It’s just that in two years, several new kernel releases came out, and that also resulted in some new firmware blobs entering the kernel. This, in a way,… Read moreVoting

Umzug Berlin

I’ve not followed the current voting closely, because I was moving from Berlin back to Rostock last weekeend. But I find it strange that the issue with firmwares is still not solved since Etch. That’s more than two years ago… Read moreUmzug Berlin


Habe Beweis!

Ufffz… endlich geschafft! Heute haben wir (fast) den ganzen Rest an Möbeln und Zeugs aus der Wohnung in Berlin zurück nach Warnemünde gebracht. So schnell hab ich jedenfalls nicht vor, nochmal umzuziehen. 🙂