N97 oddities

Da ich ja in den letzten Tagen etwas durch RL-Aktivitäten abgelenkt war ;-), bin ich leider erst gestern spät abends via Netzpolitik auf die neueste Folge vom Chaosradio Express aufmerksam geworden:

CRE135 als MP3

Zu Gast sind dieses Mal Ilja Trojanow und Juli Zeh, die Autoren des Buches “Angriff auf die Freiheit“, zum Thema “Mut zur Freiheit – Ein Versuch den Zusammenhang von Angst, Freiheit, Gesellschaft und Solidarität zu verorten”.
Ich konnte gestern abend nur kurz reinhören, da diese Ausgabe gut 2.5h lang ist. Aber ich denke, auch dieses Mal werden wieder einige interessante Themen auf den Tisch kommen.


7 thoughts on “N97 oddities

  1. Have you considered getting a non-self-signed SSL certificate? Do you happen to have a list of the trusted SSL CAs from the N97? With any luck they used the standard Mozilla CA bundle or similar. If so, you might try StartCom; they offer free basic (domain-validated) SSL certificates.

  2. Does your phone already have an old certificiate from the same server? I had a very similar problem with my E71 that I solved by removing the old certificate still stored on the phone.

  3. Hmmm, there shouldn't be such a cert, because I own the N97 just a few days and haven't changed the cert of the IMAPd since then.
    But maybe it's worth to give it a try… 😉

  4. Hey ij,

    did you try to import the root cert of your selfCA into the phone? that worked for me with my CACert certificates and my e51 is silent since then (done via http://www.redelijkheid.com/symcaimport/ as sending cert via USB/BT didnt work).

    Did they solve the “i'm online but how should i connect” problem? Open E-Mail app, connect, select your WiFi, 3G whatever, switch back to menu, open WebBrowser, try to open google, get the “which AP to use” dialog again… That annoys me much more than the missing failover (the E61 had AP-groups for that, the E51 does not) – i dont want a failover to 3G after WiFi, traffic costs more there 🙂

    Evgeni // Zhenech

  5. I imported the ca like this http://jnsc.ch/symbian.php (in french)

    open the browser
    type the url of your ca.crt
    save it
    give it a name
    select for wich application you want to use it

    and you are done

  6. You may want to give smartconnect a go. I think they are giving it away for Nokia phones now. It allows you to create a group of connections and it just picks the best one to connect to. So as you move from the Wi-Fi it automatically connects you to GPRS. Works a treat on my N82.

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