Nikon D90 and Linux – a quick update

I’m somewhat known for triggering bugs nobody else hits. This was appreciated by several developers in good old days when I still used my Amiga as main machine (that’s a decade ago in the meanwhile) where I was a betatester for some applications. But it seems I still got the talent to trigger strange bugs.

Today: Upgrading from kernel to breaks your OpenVPN tunnel for your DD-Wrt routers PPPoE session.

Yes, it’s true. When using, DD-Wrt can’t connect to the pppoe-server on my dedicated server anymore, instead it brings this kind of errors:

Jan 1 00:07:54 vpn daemon.err pppd[513]: Invalid PPPoE tag length (12117)
Jan 1 00:07:54 vpn daemon.err pppd[495]: Invalid PPPoE tag length (12117)
Jan 1 00:07:54 vpn daemon.err pppd[486]: Invalid PPPoE tag length (12117)
Jan 1 00:07:54 vpn daemon.err pppd[369]: Invalid PPPoE tag length (12117)
Jan 1 00:07:54 vpn daemon.err pppd[1176]: Invalid PPPoE tag length (12117)
Jan 1 00:07:54 vpn daemon.err pppd[1399]: Invalid PPPoE tag length (12117)
Jan 1 00:07:59 vpn daemon.err pppd[1384]: Invalid PPPoE tag length (12117)

The OpenVPN tunnel itself does work. I can see pppoe packets on both ends of the tunnel, alas the PPPoE session can’t be started. When I reboot again, everything works again.
Note: I booted into because I wanted to try out if gphoto2 works better with a newer kernel because of maybe-fixed bugs in the USB stack.

Whee! Just another problem to deal with in the next days… 😉


6 thoughts on “Nikon D90 and Linux – a quick update

  1. Just use a card reader dude 🙂 I've never bothered to get my 350D connected into gphoto2 etc, it's way faster just to pull out the memory card.

    My old Kodak compact digital behaved weirdly when connected to the computer too – you could retrieve and delete images, but you couldn't push them back onto the memory card.

  2. Well, yes, I do use my cardreader for that, of course. Problem is: I don't use it regularly so I always need to search for it. The camera itself is bigger and doesn't get lost that quick under the other stuff on my desk.
    The other reason is: as a matter of principle I want the camera to work with Linux directly. 🙂

  3. Why bother? Using the camera in whatever mode it supports will only waste battery life on your camera, anyway.

    I've used the Mass Storage mode of my D50 exactly twice. After that, I decided that my cardreader is just way easier. Not only that, it's also faster (my D50 doesn't do USB2)

  4. Well, as already stated: it's mostly a matter of principle. 😉
    In the long term I'll use my cardreader as well, I think… even if it's buried under piles of paper… 😉

  5. Works for me without problems. In Gnome when I first connected the D90 a window popped up asking, if I wanted to import the photos.
    No configuration needed and import went smoothly.

    Debian SID was used.

  6. Yes, as I've written in the follow-ups to that entry the problem was the USB 2.0 PCI card and not the Nikon D90 itself.
    So, everything's fine now! (except that copying RAW images via USB 1.1 is awfully slow, of course 😉

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