Font-Rendering: to file or not to fle!

Within the last few days, Spiegel Online (German) reported that Google is taking pictures in Berlin for their StreetView service. Today I spotted from my balcony this one:

Google StreetView car
Google StreetView car (zoomed)

So, if you these cars driving around it might be a good idea to hide yourself from being photographed and put onto Google StreetView. Yes, I’m no big fan of Google and its giant data collection. I would rather see Google stopping StreetView in Germany to protect peoples privacy.


3 thoughts on “Font-Rendering: to file or not to fle!

  1. This is a known Firefox bug that was present in the Pango rendering backend. It has been workarounded in some Ubuntu versions by removing ligatures from the DejaVu fonts and it has been fixed (finally!) in Firefox/Iceweasel 3.

    You can also workaround it by setting the MOZ_DISABLE_PANGO enviromental variable to 1.

    This is, btw, #362569

  2. [URL][/URL] …/420717 …/370580 etc

    “should be fixed with the new textframe code, in Firefox 3.0…”
    “Fixed in version iceweasel/3.0~b4-1;”

    Won't be fixed in any earlier incarnations of mozilla-based browsers (ff2/icewwasel2, seamonkey/iceape), I guess.

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