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Most people will know that it’s hard for the m68k port to keep up with unstable. Mostly because the hardware is not the fastest anymore, but usually we could work around this problem by throwing more hardware onto it. But there are sometimes non-m68k problems that prevent the port from keeping up like, let’s say, no wanna-build access anymore, because all ssh pubkeys have been revoked due to DSA-1571 (OpenSSL).
The problem was mentioned on debian-68k mailing list, starting a discussion about the implications for m68k.
Some weeks after the incidence, the problem still existed and there was some discussion again how to proceed and it was tried to get the keys in again. And luckily there was some progress.

But that didn’t last long and finally there was yet another attempt to get wanna-build working again for m68k.
As of this writing, there wasn’t any success in getting wanna-build access back and after 2 months since the DSA-1571 incident, m68k is not allowed to build packages from wanna-build, because somebody didn’t feel like adding some ssh pubkeys.

Maybe that person is overloaded with other work or such, but this means that this person puts extra workload on other people that are scheduling packages on multiple buildds for about 2 months now, although there is other work to do for the involved porters than acting as a human wanna-build.

I’m very disappointed by those who have failed to update the wanna-build ACLs in a timely manner for this long. And I’m very thankful of everyone who tried to help and especially of Stephen Marenka who acted as a human wanna-build in the meanwhile!