Is PowerPC a Second Class Arch?

I’ve removed armeb as an architecture from Buildd.Net, because it’s simply dead. When there’s ever the need for it again, support can be easily re-enabled.


9 thoughts on “Is PowerPC a Second Class Arch?

  1. A month would be welcome! I filed a bug report for Karbon14 years ago, because it had a huge bug whereby primary colors for rendering where swapped around, and even the white page background was rendered in cyan. Not good, for one of the most prominent graphics apps on Linux. As far as I know, it's never been specifically addressed, although I suspect the bug has disappeared with the move to KDE4.

  2. I'm not a DD and have nothing to do with packaging. But yes, an NMU is something I would have expected from others in the meanwhile. This didn't happened yet, which led to my conclusion of PPC being a second class arch.

  3. Nothing to do with powerpc, everything to do with lack of manpower in mozilla packaging team. + nothing usefull (patch or even stacktrace) in the bugreport. If you havee a ppc machine, please debug instead of whining. Flaming in a blog isn't going to help. In fact if it happened to my package, I'd be really tempted to drop fixing the issue really low in my TODO list.

  4. Ever heard of those strange people called “users”. Usually those don't have those skills to debug and send patches.
    I'm one of these “users”…

  5. >Of course you would submit a grave bugreport, wouldn't you?
    Not necessarily. A non-security bug is only grave if it makes a package unusable.

    >Usually you would think that this kind of bugs would be fixed really fast and a new and fixed version will be uploaded soon, right?
    Define “soon”

    >Is there any (unknown) reason why there's still no fixed version of Icedove that works on PowerPC?
    Quoting the maintainer:
    “I have no ppc arch and thus cannot really work on ppc issues.”

  6. a) if a program doesn't start anymore at all, I think that one call this “unusable”… 😉

    b) From WordNet (r) 2.0 [wn]:

    adv : in the near future; “the doctor will soon be here”; “the
    book will appear shortly”; “she will arrive presently”;
    “we should have news before long” [syn: {shortly}, {presently},
    {before long}]

    c) lists 3 PPC machines, 2 of them locked down. Don't know if that's still valid, but I guess the whole idea of having DD accessible machines as release requirement is that DDs without those archs are able to debug arch related bugs like this. If the maintainer can't use those machines because they are locked down, someone else should be blamed obviously…

  7. I hope that ppc will try to be a true supported arch in debian for some time to come. I'm a dumb user too with one maintained package (no dd). But I don't use icedove and I don't want to hack on mozilla software sorry.

  8. a) Yes, but the fact that the program doesn't start anymore on your machine doesn't mean that it doesn't start anymore at all.

    b) So define “near”, “shortly”, “long”? I just meant that the question was rhetoric.

    c) Indeed. On the other hand, I see no i386 porting machine in operation.

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