Freiheit ist Sicherheit – Demo am 15.03.2008

Imagine when a frequently used application doesn’t work anymore on your machine. It simply won’t start anymore, whereas an older version does work flawlessly. Of course you would submit a grave bugreport, wouldn’t you? And maybe you will be able to find the cause for the problem and submit something like a patch to fix this problem? At least you are sure that you are not alone with this problem, right?

Usually you would think that this kind of bugs would be fixed really fast and a new and fixed version will be uploaded soon, right?
But that seems not to be the case for PowerPC users, who are waiting for over a month now for a fixed version of Icedove.
Is there any (unknown) reason why there’s still no fixed version of Icedove that works on PowerPC? If so, please let me know…