Dunc-Tanc and what can be done with 6000 US-$…

Thomas Pöhnitzsch wrote in a comment to my previous blog entry about replication with PostgreSQL:

we had just finished a big project (based on sarge) which, among other features, required almost the same setup. I have pgcluster-debs for postgresql versions 7.4.7 (the orignal sarge one), 7.4.13 and 8.1.4 available. You can get my patches and I could point you to all the pitfalls we encountered. If however you think your project will be finished here, I have to disappoint you. Pgcluster is still a bit buggy at some ends and may need some debugging and patching until you can ship it. So expect it to become a tough ride at worst. But as I really would like to see pgcluster becomming an official debian project I really would like to assist you as much as I can.

It would be really nice to have pgcluster debs available, but sadly I couldn’t reach Thomas by mail. Maybe I just found an outdated email address by search for his name on Google?

Anyway, it would be nice to get in contact with you, Thomas. You could use my Feedback Page to get in contact with me. Other interested people can use that of course as well… 😉