PGCluster debs

Dear Lazyweb…

For a project I need to setup two freeradius server with a PostgreSQL database backend. It’s intended that the freeradius server are accessing their database backends locally, i.e. on the same machine. Of course, the two database needs to be in sync.

And now there’s a problem: each radius server needs to write to its database, of course, which makes such solutions as slony-1 impossible to use. Otherwise slony-1 works nicely for replication.

Next option is pgcluster which ought to be a master-master replication. Sadly, it seems that there’s no Debian package. Don Armstrong tried to make one some time ago, as he told me on IRC, but due to the bad debugging options pgcluster gives, he got stuck somewhere.

So, I ask you, dear Lazyweb, if there are other options left? It’s no necessary to have a full master-master replication, but in a master-slave replication writes to the DB should automatically and transparently get redirected and spooled (in case the master is unreachable). (Although is is near master-master replication ;).
Or had anyone else more luck with making PGCluster Debs? Or would like to join forces with Don Armstrong and me to make some?