Migrating to a new server

Ok, Dunc-Tanc (DT) is being discussed everywhere like here, here or here.

The reason for discussion is the amount of US-$ 6000 (or EUR 4800, as Marc Haber calculated).
For many of the readers that is really, really much money for just a month. Maybe it’s even close to a yearly income in some other countries.

Many calculations and posts are dealing with living costs of Steve, costs of bureau rent, taxes, etc… but how about this calculation:

  • Many DDs are unemployed or studying.
  • An unemployed person (>1 year unemployed) gets so-called HartzIV in Germany, which is about 345.- EUR per month. Unemployed people are allowed to earn additional ca. 160.- EUR per month.
  • That will enable 30 unemployed Debian Maintainers, Developers or Users to earn some money for their living for a month. 30 people could be paid to do a BSP for a whole month.

Now, who will get more work done within a month, when you have to give away 6000 US-$? 1 person or 30 persons?
Recalculate this with your average income of your country. Maybe Joachim Breitner can tell you, how much work can be done in Ghana for 6000 US-$ and how many people can make a living out of this?

So, you might guess it: I’m not very pleased about that high amount of money that is being spent for a single person. I think the money could’ve spent more efficiently.