Opel und die Übernahme

At work I’m currently working on IP telephony with Cisco products, so it’s a natural thing to try similar at home as well. I’ve a AVM Fritz B1 PCI card, hooked up that to the ISDN PSTN and see some calls coming and going in the syslog. Then I installed asterisk packages and now the problems arise:
Is there a current HowTo or a good documentation how to setup asterisk with an AVM Fritz B1 PCI card? There seems to be some older stuff on the net. One describes the installation with CAPI, another one with mISDN. mISDN seems to be missing in Debian for whatever reasons. It would be nice to know for sure what ISDN stack I need to deal with: hisax, CAPI or mISDN.
The next step would be the proper configuration of asterisk, which is already complex enough compared to the commercial products… 😉