Webcam driver gspca with newer kernels?

When I went on my business trip with AIDAaura during second half of July, I took our Nikon D90 with me and made some pictures. Well, in total I made 24 GB of pictures (JPEG+RAW) and some of these GBs of pictures were taken with the background in mind to make a nice panorama picture out of them with Hugin. Usually I selected the necessary data points for blending by hand. Of course this is an ardous work, especially when you heard from another guy that this can be done automatically. But in Debian this function doesn’t work out of the box because the autopano-sift-c package, which is contains the needed program, is not part of the distribution because of some US patents.

Luckily there is an package on that solves this problem. Generating panorama views is becoming easy with Hugin after I installed that package. And as a first result I made a panorama view of Akureyri, Iceland:

Panorama of Akureyri

The panorama consist of 10 photos with 4288px x 2848px, giving a total panorama view of 11517px x 2497px (34 MB).


13 thoughts on “Webcam driver gspca with newer kernels?

  1. V4L1 is dead; you may have better luck with a native V4L2 application.

  2. You should try a livecd with not just a upgraded kernel.
    As you see with the LD_PRELOAD trick, some libs and programms need updates, too. There was code which was moved from kernelspace to userland in a big kernel v4l and webcam update, which is now in libv4l. I can't remember if they had changed some internals in the code itself, but if it could explain your colors.

    Beside the need to update some user applications, I like the step of moving code from kernel to userspace.

  3. Yes, maybe it's dead, but camstream was jsut an example. Maybe I should have stated that more clearly.
    The main reason for usage of that webcam is to be used with skype, which shows a totally black screen when hitting the “Test!” button in skypes configuration.

  4. What are the IDs of your webcam ? Can you give the kernel logs when plugging it ?

    Usually those issues are related to wrong sensor settings, you should try to see if you can change them from your v4l application…

  5. If I remember correctly, the gqcam had a checkbox for swapping the red and blue color channels when working with gspca — and gqcam is a v4l1 program just like the one you're working with.

    I'm guessing the LD_PRELOAD to emulate v4l1 under v4l2 doesn't have a similar option. The problem may be fixed if you use a v4l2 program.

  6. If you boot an older kernel on your newer system, does the webcam works as you'd expect?

    If so, and a solution doesn't seem forthcoming, you could try bisecting between the working and non-working kernels.

  7. Well, the reason might be because of the switch from ov51x-jpeg to gspca, so it is not only about working and non-working kernel. However, without USB IDs (see above message), I cannot say more…

  8. Hmmm, yes, might be… at least Skype notifies me, when doing the preload trick, that it ignores the preloaded libs. And as a result video doesn't work, of course…

  9. Here it is:

    Oct 22 18:23:37 muaddib kernel: [356381.352045] usb 6-2: new full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 4
    Oct 22 18:23:37 muaddib kernel: [356381.538026] usb 6-2: New USB device found, idVendor=046d, idProduct=08d7
    Oct 22 18:23:37 muaddib kernel: [356381.538030] usb 6-2: New USB device strings: Mfr=0, Product=0, SerialNumber=0
    Oct 22 18:23:37 muaddib kernel: [356381.538116] usb 6-2: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice
    Oct 22 18:23:37 muaddib kernel: [356381.540073] gspca: probing 046d:08d7
    Oct 22 18:23:39 muaddib kernel: [356383.251045] zc3xx: probe 2wr ov vga 0x0000
    Oct 22 18:23:39 muaddib kernel: [356383.296049] zc3xx: probe sensor -> 0011
    Oct 22 18:23:39 muaddib kernel: [356383.296051] zc3xx: Find Sensor HV7131R(c)
    Oct 22 18:23:39 muaddib kernel: [356383.301179] gspca: probe ok

    Hope this helps…

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