IPv6 and WET-54G wireless bridge

Zwar ist es schon ein paar Tage her, aber jetzt finde ich auch mal die Zeit, um es kundzutun: Am 4. April 2009 haben meine Freundin und ich in der Villa Stahmer in Georgsmarienhütte standesamtlich geheiratet:

Das frisch vermählte Brautpaar


3 thoughts on “IPv6 and WET-54G wireless bridge

  1. I believe the issue here is that the WET54G is not really a layer-2 device. A wifi packet going from a base station to a client contains 3 MAC addresses:

    1. the originating LAN host
    2. the base station
    3. the destination wifi client

    With only one destination address, there's no distinction between the wifi client, and the network cards wired behind it.

    Thus, a WiFi bridge needs to keep track of all the IP addresses behind it, bind them all to its own MAC address, and dynamically look up the destination MAC for each incoming IP packet. It's sort of a layer 2+3 NAT kludge.

    So, the software on a WiFi client bridge will need to be explicitly written to understand IPv6, for it to support IPv6 clients behind it.

    One alternative is to use the WDS protocol, which does have fields for all 4 MAC addresses, so it shouldn't need any layer 3 knowledge to function.

  2. It's probably also worth noting the version of the WRT54GS you're using with DD-WRT. Just this weekend I upgraded my WRT54GS v5.1 to DD-WRT. The v5.1 model requires DD-WRT micro which apparently does not support IPv6. Which is kind of a shame, as it really put the skids on my IPv6 deployment plans.

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