I did it!

Heute war es mal wieder bei schönem Wetter soweit und ein Spaziergang durch Warnemünde fällig. Natürlich hab ich es mir nicht nehmen lassen, auch wieder ein paar Fotos zu machen:

Ente im Wasser
Möve am Alten Strom
Fähre beim Einlaufen
Möve an der Bahnhofsbrücke

Und wie üblich gibt es noch mehr davon in der Gallery


4 thoughts on “I did it!

  1. Erm, well, actually no. 😉

    It was an ISO image. I burnt it onto a CD-RW and booted the machine, because this kind of updates can't be done without rebooting anyway.

    But if you meant to ask whether you'll need Windows or not: no, you don't need Windows, but an x86 compatible computer at least.

  2. Sorry for my bad english.
    What is name of ISO image which you used for update firmware ST31000340NS? I have 6xST31000340NS and i still waiting for reply from seagate too. Is it ES2AN05B-3D4DMoose.iso or ES2SN06B-3D4DMoose.iso ?? Is there any static link from seagate for download firmware version SN06?

  3. It's ES2SN06B-3D4DMoose.iso, but I recommend to visit the Seagate homepage and use the Online Support Chat instead of downloading suspicious files from somewhere of the Internet.
    The support chat reacts way faster than the email support. I still don't have *any* reply to my two emails send to discsupport@seagate, while I was assigned a support staff member on the chat within an hour or so.
    Well, yes, an hour is a long time period to wait as well, but still faster than 10 days waiting for an answer via email.

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