Neuzugang in der Blogosphäre:

Oh well… I just got two Seagate ST31000340NS (1TB disks) and because I ordered them online instead of buying in the local store, I decided to test them for medium errors first. When there would be errors, I could send them back within 14 days without any other reasons.

I issued ‘badblocks -w -p 16 -s -c 16384 /dev/sda‘, but I don’t think that I will wait that long until all 16 passes have been run, because:

Reading and comparing: done
Testing with pattern 0x00: 84.11% done, 26:11:28 elapsed

After 26 hours the first pass didn’t even finish. *sigh* 😉


1 thought on “Neuzugang in der Blogosphäre:

  1. Danke, danke! Mal schauen, was das wird. Bisher war das Echo recht gemischt und kam vor allem noch sehr Web-1.0-ig in Form von eMails daher… 😉


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