Demonstrationen und die Staatsgewalt

Last week I ordered and received a Nikon D90 DSLR which replaces my very rusty Kodak DX3600. I got it on Friday and there was not much time to deal with all the functions when we visted some puppies on Saturday. But the results are nice, though:

A classical still life image.
An Eurasier puppy.
Two puppies playing in the garden.

Although the camera is the successor of the D80 and inherited some parts from the D300, it is still not supported by Linux apps. Gphoto2 just recognizes D80 and D300 in PTP mode and digikam is the same. One drawback with the D90 is, that it can’t be operated in mass storage mode but only in PTP mode. So, I’ll need to either use my USB cardreader or Windows. Needless to say I prefer the cardreader. 🙂
But I hope that either Linux apps will support the D90 soon or Nikon will add mass storage mode for the D90 in newer firmwares.