Flash on PPC

After I arrived at home after work today I noticed that the machines at my parents home network were all down and just recovering from the outage. Two of my m68k autobuilders are located there. Nothing serious, I thought, because… Read moreFlash on PPC

Information Policy

It’s an ongoing drama: Flash player on PowerPC systems – you can either choose to ignore flash at all (no mozilla plugin installed) or the a non-working version of Gnash installed, which gives you no output of YouTube videos and… Read moreInformation Policy


AAAAA oder auch: AbKüFi

Well, during the weekend some Debian machines were unreachable as MJ Ray wrote on debian-devel: gluck, merkel, samosa and raff uncontactable (192.25.206.* network problem?) I don’t know anything more at this time, but wanted to push a small message out… Read moreAAAAA oder auch: AbKüFi


Berlin – erster Tag

AAAAA-was? Wer dieses Akronym nicht kennt, ist vielleicht noch nicht gänzlich verloren. VERA (Virtual Entity of Relevant Acronyms) löst diese Abkürzung laut dict wie folgt auf: AAAAA Anonym Association Against Acronym Abuse (telecommunication-slang) Dagegen ist AbKüFi ja schon landläufig bekannt… Read moreBerlin – erster Tag