Skandalautobahn A20

I think everyone knows about the issues between Sven Luther and the d-i team. This is going on for about a year now and although I’m usually a supporter of Svenl here, I have to admit that I can’t hear/read it anymore.
So, please stop it now. Everyone!

Svenl, you did a great job for the PPC port in Debian, but there’s so much in life beside Debian! Enjoy it! You’re wasting your time and life if you insist in being right. Maybe you’re right, but I don’t that this does matter. Take a time off from the project and have a nice time with our stuff! Been there, done that and found it worthwhile! 🙂

All others: I think it would be better to not respond to every mail by Svenl, especially when you’re opposing him. This will make it even worse for him and for everybody else, too, because the impression of being insulted will grow with every mail that tells him to shut up.

Every party involved in this dilemma does have valid points. For example I would like to see some sort of Code of Conduct or a Social Commitee or anything else that will prevent such incidents over and over again.
I think it’s highly unprofessional how Sven was pushed out of the d-i team. Sure, everyone can disagree with anyone else, but I expect DDs to be professional enough to work together despite their personal dislikenings. OTOH, Svenl didn’t earn glory insisting every now and then of being mistreated and being right.

So, can we now stop that neverending story, please?