Please stop it

Since the LinuxTag took place in Berlin this year, I was able to attend it. LT in Wiesbaden, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart or whereever else was just to far away for me for a short trip. But this year it was near enough to plan a short trip to Berlin and stay some days at the home of the relatives of my girlfriend.
Anyway, the LT itself was, well, smallish. After the show it was said, that there have been 9600 attendees. My impression during my visit on Thursday and Friday was the same: very few people visiting.

On one hand, this is nice, because it gives you the possibility to have some in-depth talks to people, which is more difficult when there are lots of visitors. On the other hand, this is bad, because it reflects the importance of the show: nearly null.

When I remember my visits to the Amiga fairs in Cologne in the 90s, the numbers are somewhat different: 65.000 visitors in 3 days.

But not only the numbers of visitors were disappointing, the exhibition itself was it as well. Many booths from community projects showed generic information about themselves. This might be nice and interesting for new users, but when the subtitle of the fair is “where .com meets .org” this is really what one might expect.
Of course, maybe you could have asked the people there for details, but when the booth is looking rather dull and the flyers just have some buzz words on it without more information (like on the FreeWRT booth), it made me passing on to the next booth.

Something positive: I think the lectures were good. At least those I attended.


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  1. Hi Ingo.

    Since you take the SvenL issue to planet.d.o, and since I'm the only Sven really visible there, I would like to ask you to not speak of “Sven”, but either SvenL (his login) or Sven Luther (his full name). The ambiguity really annoys me, to be honest. Though anyone involved probably knows that I never was involved with the d-i team or powerpc, the casual reader might jump to wrong conclusions.


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