G8-Gipfel: Die Freiheit der Demokratie

Well, when Ubuntu started it was said that it aims at the Desktop market. An enhanced Debian distribution for desktop users, so to say. In the meantime Ubuntu released Ubuntu LTS for servers and announced lately Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Edition.
Apparently Ubuntu becomes a direct opponent to Debian: first the desktop, next the servers and now embedded systems. I wonder when Debian will finally react and make some changes in order to compete with Ubuntu, because Ubuntu is simply that: a competitor.
And a quite successful competitor, I’ve to admit! I’m recommending Ubuntu instead of Debian now for new Linux users and I’m using Ubuntu on an increasing number of machines (mostly laptops) myself. Such things like packages stuck in new queue for 2 months are driving me away from Debian slowly. I would like to know what the newly elected DPL is going to do about this problem of losing ground to Ubuntu? I’m just curious…. 🙂

Note: Yes, I know that “universal OS” is somewhat of an urban legend…