Upgrading to Etch considered harmful

Na toll!
Da naht der G8-Gipfel, es ist 0:36 und die jungen Herren mit den wenigen Haaren und dem noch weniger darunter haben nichts besseres zu tun, als den ganzen Abend schon im Warnemünder Park herumzukrakeln. Aber deren Freunde in den geräumigen grün-weißen Volkswagen T3 sind auch schon da.
Viel scheint es aber wohl nicht zu bringen, da einige der geistig erdfarbennahen Bevölkerungsgruppe sich vom dortigen Kinderspielplatz an unseren Gartenzaun verlagert haben, was nicht unbedingt ein besseres Gefühl ist, um sich beruhigt ins Bett zurückbegeben zu können.


6 thoughts on “Upgrading to Etch considered harmful

  1. I use a similar configuration – Samba with LDAP, plus libpam_ldap and libnss_ldap. I had no issues with the upgrade except for the necessity to migrate my legacy users in smbpasswd over to ldap.

    I was prompted for an admin dn and password for NSS, but I don't believe my config was otherwise altered. I guess it might've rewritten it based on the new info and the previous data I'd provided in debconf, but if so the result was correct.

    I *did* have an exciting time with a database upgrade failure on slapd, but that was because /var/backups ran out of space. oops. A little bit of hand-cleaning later and I was peachy.

    Overall I had few issues, but then I haven't upgraded my GUI Xen VM for the LTSP users yet… *gulp*

  2. We have had this same problem in the past. The lib{nss,pam}-ldap packages are really not well maintained and they have their own configuration system embeded in the package that isn't really worth a darn. The postinstall looks for a token in the file and if it finds it, it blindly over writes any local modifications. Basically you have to look at the package to see what that token is or set a debconf key. I really wish someone would take this package over and dumb it down. I would rather have to configure the package by hand (which is what I do anyway) than have it be too smart for its own good.

  3. I also upgraded a server with libnss-ldap, from woody+backports all the way to etch (via sarge).
    It went fairly well; libnss-ldap gave me a bit of a headache, but not because the configuration was trashed, but just because it's file permissions had been changed to make it readable by root only.

  4. Should m68k drop the Debian distribution?
    Debian Etch has been released lately, as you may know, and the work on Debian Lenny is already starting. For some of the DDs the work is way much different than for the rest of the DDs: the good ol' brave porters of m68k.
    Stephen Marenka asked on debian

  5. I also experienced a massive slow-down of LDAP connections when upgrading from Sarge to Etch. Even NFS seemed to be much slower. strace'ing getent passwd finally gave me a clue that name resolution might be the issue.

    I changed the *hosts*-line in *nsswitch.conf* to contain only *files* and *dns* (removing *mdns4* and *mdns4_minimal*). This seemed to fix it.

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