Jitsi Meet and ejabberd

Since the more or less global lockdown caused by Covid-19 there was a lot talk about video conferencing solutions that can be used for e.g. those people that try to coordinate with coworkers while in home office. One of the solutions is Jitsi Meet, which is NOT packaged in Debian. But there are Debian packages… Continue reading Jitsi Meet and ejabberd

Jabber vs. XMPP

XMPP is widely – and mabye better – known as Jabber. This was more or less the same until Cisco bought Jabber Inc and the trademark. You can read more about the story on the XMPP.org website. But is there still a Jabber around? Yes, it is! But Cisco Jabber is a whole infrastructure environment:… Continue reading Jabber vs. XMPP