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Oh well…. after the last weekend I ended up with a bunch of Nikon RAW images (*.NEF) from a different camera (Nikon D40X). I made my pictures as RAW+FINE with stores as well RAW files as JPEGs together. But for the images of that other camera I need to convert the images to JPEGs all by myself. Usually I use digikam to manage my images, which comes with some sort of RAW converter.

But needless to say that the results are disappointing. Very dull, dark and greyish JPEGs were generated from the RAW files, although digikam displayed the RAW images just fine and as bright as expected. So I wonder why there is this difference between what digikam displays and what you get out of RAW conversion?

For the time being I now convert the RAW files manually by invoking dcraw and convert as follows:

dcraw -w -b 1.2 -q 3 -T DSC_0*.NEF
for i in *.tiff ; do j=`echo $i | sed -e ‘s/tiff/jpg/g’` ; convert $i $j ; done

The result is not the optimum, but fairly OK. It’s still a little bit dull, dark and greyish, but not as worse as the standard conversion from digikam as you can see here:

Left side: RAW/NEF, Right side: converted JPEG