Xing spioniert

Lately our Windows Server 2003 TerminalServer reports frequent errors when logging on. In fact, this only happens with our secretary does her login… Anyway, Windows seems to loose chars of filenames it wants to copy from fileserver (running Debian stable and Samba) to its local storage of user environments.

Die Datei \neduserprofiles.msprofileAnwendungsdatenThunderbirdProfiles
c6lmfyt.default – ImapMailmail.intranet.wbs-germany.demailadmin-1.m konnte nicht nach C:Dokumente und Einstellungenuser.MOEAnwendungsdatenThunderbirdProfiles
c6lmfyt.default –
ImapMailmail.intranet.wbs-germany.demailadmin-1.m kopiert werden. Mögliche Fehlerursachen sind Netzwerkprobleme oder nicht ausreichende Sicherheitsrechte. Wenden Sie sich an den Netzwerkadministrator, wenn das Problem weiterhin besteht.

Details – Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden.

(rough translation: “The file \ned…mailadmin-1.m couldn’t be copied to C:…mailadmin-1.m. Possible reasons are network problems or no sufficient permissions. Ask your system administrator if the problem persist. Details – the system couldn’t find the given file.“)

A short search in Microsofts Knowledge Base leads to this article, stating:

Most frequently, this issue affects .lnk, .url or .xml files. During the update of roaming profiles, they are renamed to .tmp while the profile is written back to the home folder on a NetApp Filer share.

Ok, we’re not using NetApp Filers but beside that everything is matching our problem. So, if someone knows a solution for Samba fileservers, please comment below! TIA!

chrismaster wrote in a comment that this behaviour is caused by a Debian bug in Debians Samba package. Thanks!


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