WebDAV as webdrive on OSX

I’m using WebDAV on Lenny and on Squeeze now for some time for syncing my bookmarks and calendars which is working just fine. But now I want to extend my WebDAV in order to use it as an external storage. The only problem is: it doesn’t workon OSX! D’oh!

Basically I followed several HowTos on the Net, so I ended with this configuration so far: 

     DavLockDB /path/to/DAVLockDB/DAVLockDB
     <Directory /path/to/webdav/>
        DAV On
        AuthType Digest
        AuthName "realm"
        AuthUserFile /path/tot/.htdigest
        Require valid-user
        Options +Indexes
        AllowOverride None
        Order allow,deny
        Allow from all
                RewriteEngine Off

I can connect to and browse the WebDAV directory, but I can’t upload new files – neither with Finder on OSX nor with cp on command line in OSX. When using Finder I get the following errors: 

For non-Germans: it says that the process couldn’t be completed because the object is still in use.

Error -36 seems to be a generic I/O error in OSX and you can find many hits when you do a search in your favorite search engine. The Apache logs report lots of these lines: 

==> /var/log/apache2/domain-ssl-error.log <==
[Thu Dec 09 21:23:35 2010] [error] [client 2001:6f8:90e:900::2] client denied by server configuration: /var/www/net/domain/path/to/Files/._Cam-EG_20101113015900_MD 3.avi

==> /var/log/apache2/domain-ssl-access.log <==
[09/Dec/2010:21:23:35 +0100] rostock.ip6.windfluechter.net 2001:6f8:90e:900::2 – "GET /path/to/Files/._Cam-EG_20101113015900_MD%203.avi HTTP/1.1" 403 250 "-" "WebDAVFS/1.8.1 (01818000) Darwin/10.5.0 (i386)"

When copying some files with cp on OSXs command line I get these kind of errors: 

$ cp -r Desktop/AIDAluna_KameraArchiv_Geiranger /Volumes/ij/Files/
cp: /Volumes/ij/Files/AIDAluna_KameraArchiv_Geiranger/PRIVATE/AVCHD: Operation not permitted
cp: Desktop/AIDAluna_KameraArchiv_Geiranger/PRIVATE/AVCHD: unable to copy extended attributes to /Volumes/ij/Files/AIDAluna_KameraArchiv_Geiranger/PRIVATE/AVCHD: Operation not permitted
cp: /Volumes/ij/Files/AIDAluna_KameraArchiv_Geiranger/PRIVATE/AVCHD/.DS_Store: No such file or directory
cp: /Volumes/ij/Files/AIDAluna_KameraArchiv_Geiranger/PRIVATE/AVCHD/AVCHDTN: No such file or directory

Funny enough directories were created and some files were copying although OSX complains about "Operation not permitted": 

$ du -sch  /Volumes/ij/Files/AIDAluna_KameraArchiv_Geiranger/*
 10M    /Volumes/ij/Files/AIDAluna_KameraArchiv_Geiranger/DCIM
2,5K    /Volumes/ij/Files/AIDAluna_KameraArchiv_Geiranger/MISC
2,0K    /Volumes/ij/Files/AIDAluna_KameraArchiv_Geiranger/PRIVATE
 10M    total

Of course the directory on the webserver has sufficient permissions and copying files to it is working just fine with Windows as well as Debian Sid. But anyway, is there something I’m missing in WebDAV configuration or can I do something in OSX to make it work? Using a third party application on OSX is something I would like to avoid, but when nothing else will help, I’m open for suggestions.


6 thoughts on “WebDAV as webdrive on OSX

    1. Thanks for your pointer, but
      Thanks for your pointer, but I tried it and it doesn’t help, i.e. the error still persists. I’ve added a second screenshot of a error requester. The permissions of that webdav directory are still ug+rwx for www-data:www-data.

  1. cp:
    cp: Desktop/AIDAluna_KameraArchiv_Geiranger/PRIVATE/AVCHD: unable to copy extended attributes to /Volumes/ij/Files/AIDAluna_KameraArchiv_Geiranger/PRIVATE/AVCHD: Operation not permitted

    user_xattr option is enabled on the partition that contains the webdav directory?

    1. Nope, it wasn’t, but it is
      Nope, it wasn’t, but it is now. Retrying upload via Finder results in no success again. Sadly. 🙁
      I’m still hoping to find a solution for that WebDAV problem, though…

  2. Did you watched the network
    Did you watched the network traffic with tcpdump or wireshark while making the request? Does it look somehow strange? Can you reproduce the reject with replaying the request via telnet or netcat?

    1. No Wireshark or similar
      No Wireshark or similar animal was neither used nor damaged while doing the tests! 😉
      In fact it seems really to be a problem of OSX, sadly. All other OS’s and programs have no problems with connecting and uploading stuff to the WebDAV, including Cyberduck on OSX.

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