Unpacking Ceremony: Nokia N97

One of the main reasons for getting a smartphone was to be able to read email with it. Another reason was to be able to SSH from anywhere. Anyway, basically the already installed email app does work fairly well although Jeroen recommended ProfiMail.
One problem with the default and pre-installed mail app is, that it seems to have problems with SSL connections. For obvious reasons I want to use IMAPS and not IMAP. Sadly the mail app doesn’t work when I choose accepting the self signed SSL cert forever, but it does work when I accept it for the current session.
ProfiMail on the other hand does work similar, but has the disadvantage of listing all mails in a row starting with the oldest first. The default app is sorting the mails in a more convenient way: day by day and starts with the newest mails on top.
Another point is the notification beep when a new mail arrives. That’s somewhat annoying, when you get many mails. I haven’t found yet where to turn that sound off… 😉
UPDATE: Ah, found it! 🙂

UPDATE2: it seems as if the N97 doesn’t work well with dyndns.org hosts, because of cacheing the IP for too long. Bad bad…
UPDATE3: Erm, well, the dyndns.org update failed tonight. This was the reason for the above problems… 😉

Anyway, I took some pictures with the N97 today as well:

Relaxing on the beach
Warnemünde HanseSail visitors

Not surprisingly there’s a huge difference not only in size but in quality as well when comparing the built-in N97 camera against the Nikon D90. Quite an unfair comparison anyway… 😉 At least you can better make photos with the N97 than make a phone call with the D90… 😉


1 thought on “Unpacking Ceremony: Nokia N97

  1. Try the PuTTY s60 Touch Edition: http://bd.kicks-ass.net/koodaus/putty/
    That one is quite a bit more advanced and allows you to double-tap (or whatever you config) to get out of full-screen mode. Not that you have to get out of it, as the menu is also available with a long-tap.

    As for Twitter, there are a zillion clients for that. See the Ovi store amongst others.
    Email client, best thing is ProfiMail apparently. None do PGP though, and most of them croack at serious amounts of email (as one can't have an overview thus it is hard to really do all email with such a tiny device anyway).

    As for OpenVPN or alike….. well there is no TUN/TAP or similar interface. The only way that one will be getting such an interface is, at the moment, becoming a Nokia Symbian partner and then you get access to the proper APIs which require certain special properties in a signature. As I want AICCU running on it though, I have been in contact with Nokia and apparently the best way to go is hope/push that those APIs are well-established when the Symbian^4 thing comes out, which hopefully is soonish

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