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The IPv6 Forum offers a free WWW certification program and logo for IPv6 enabled sites. You can find there a ISP certification program as well.

Well, it’s not a big deal. No rocket science. But I think it might somewhat help to raise awareness level for IPv6. When people see some IPv6 ready logos all around the web, they will probably start to wonder what this is all about and want to have that stuff as well. Ok, not the average Planet Debian reader, but others… 😉

There’s just some caveats:

  1. At least when you use Serendipity and the HTML Nugget plugin you have to turn of “Perform Markup Transformations”. Otherwise the plugin will insert some newlines in the script code that make it fail.
  2. Currently the script doesn’t work with HTTPS, but that’s being worked on and should be fixed in the next version.
  3. The script displays a rather wide (>200 px) logo with statistics of IPv6 visitors. The width may break your theming. But I was told by some gently IPv6 Forum staff that this can be changed.

So, please support IPv6 and participate in that certification program. It doesn’t hurt you, but might help spreading IPv6!