Linux Lessons: It can still surprise you!

Heute war ein guter Tag, auch wenn ich nicht genau sagen kann, warum das so war, aber es hat sich gelohnt und man hat was geschafft. Genaueres kann ich leider derzeit nicht sagen, aber ein bißchen Geheimniskrämerei ist von Zeit zu Zeit ja auch mal ganz nett. 😉


4 thoughts on “Linux Lessons: It can still surprise you!

  1. Thats exactly the problem with Linux.. it does whatever you want, it does it simply and perfectly usable. But you have to know how and since you dont know that something is possible you would not read the documentation… why should you?

    The best way to discover such features is still by looking over the shoulders of other Linux-Users.

  2. When you use other systems, you automatically know everything you can do ?

  3. I actually discovered this exact same feature yesterday when I pressed a premature enter while using ln…must be the winds of fate.

  4. As far as Linux goes, “There is no userspace, there is only kernel”.

    coreutils is a GNU project, it has very little to do with Linux.

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