Blitzgeräte – Abkassieren vs. Unfallschwerpunkt – das Ergebnis

I’m using digikam to organize my pictures I took with my D90 DSLR. I always got the impression that the View -> “Zoom to 100%” menu shows not the full sized image (100%). When using another picture viewing program like okular and choosing View 100% there, I get a “bigger” image. Proof is here:

100% view – Okular vs. Digikam

You can see okulars view on the left in the foreground. Digikams 100% view is in the background at the right. Both apps are showing the same JPEG picture. I don’t know that Digikam is doing wrong there, but it’s definitely not a 100% view that it shows. Time for a bug report, I guess…

Oh well… wondering why all those people got the Copyright-Notice.png instead of the real picture, I finally discovered that I need to change the rewrite settings for the IPv4 vhost section as well. IPv6 users hadn’t this kind of problem. So, better use IPv6 instead of IPv4, folks! 😉

And thanks to sgran for pointing out <vhost 2001::1:2:3:4> syntax! 😉

The bug report is filed and registered as #562197.

Problem solved! See bugreport.