Begehrlichkeiten und Sperrlisten

Finally I was able to clean up one of my m68k buildds: Spice. Actually I regularly clean up all of my machines so they continue to work properly. Usually I do this maintenance work every year around christmas, but this time was different. Anyway. I took some pictures:

In fact I assumed more dust inside after 512 days of uptime, but I was suprised that the dust was moderate. So the cleaning was easy and fast. This is the result:

Next and final step was to enable the Laptop mode. Sadly there was no /proc/sys/vm/laptop_mode, but the final solution wasn’t that difficult either to have a portable Amiga 3000:

Amiga 3000 in Laptop mode

Well, the reason for that Laptop mode is quite simply: although the A3000 is quite silent with its Papst fan, its SCSI/SCA disks aren’t. To safe some noise I plan to move the A3000/autobuilder to the guestroom, but when there’s some visitors, I want to be able to relocate the machine without interrupting the build. So attaching a UPS and a wireless bridge is the way to go for this purpose.