Licht aus!

For some days now I can’t use my wireless on my Ubuntu (jaunty) laptop anymore. For whatever reason the domain-search option of my dhcpd causes the dhclient on the laptop to interpret the search list as hex values. For example I’ve the following line in my dhcpd.conf:

option domain-search “hro.localnet”, “os.localnet”, “localnet”;

This line leads to the following on the client:

search hro.localnet 3:68:72:6f:8:6c:6f:63:61:6c:6e:65:74:0:2:6f:73:c0:4:6:62:65:72:6c:69:6e:c0:4:c0:4

So, my current work around is, to comment the option domain-search line out of my dhcpd.conf and to include a “append” line in my dhclient.conf – unfortunately I’ve to add this line on all clients I use.