DUG: Tisch bestellt

Dear Lazyweb,

today I bought 2 GB addtional RAM for my Asrock P4V88 mainboard to max it out with 4 GB RAM. So, 2 GB RAM were already installed. I’m well aware that I can’t use all of the 4 GB due to PCI address space allocation.
Asrock states on their webpage:

– Dual Channel DDR memory technology
– Supports DDR400/333/266 non-ECC, un-buffered memory
– DIMM slots: 4
– Max. capacity of system memory: 4GB*

*Due to the chipset limitation, the actual memory size may be less than 4GB for the reservation for system usage under Windows® XP.

So, everything should be fine with adding 2 more Gigs to the already existing 2 GB of RAM, right?

Well, sadly it isn’t. When adding the additional DIMMs I get a black, blank screen after powering the machine on. It seems to hang in POST. The HDD-LED ist lit all the time, but despite waiting for about 5 minutes nothing happens anymore. Just a blank and black screen.
Alas, the machine runs fairly well with 3 GB RAM, but then it’s not Dual Ranked anymore.

I’ve already upgraded the BIOS to version 1.80 but no improvement. Anything else I can try? TIA!