Some time ago I’ve blogged about the downside of large disks being long the huge amount of time that it needs to check them with badblocks for medium errors.

As I told there, I bought two Seagate Barracuda ES.2 ST31000340NS and most of you might have heard about the firmware problems of those disks from Seagate. Seagate writes:

*Please email to request a firmware upgrade if your drive is on a release earlier than SN06.

Please include “ES.2” in the subject line of your email request for proper routing.

Well, I did write last week already, but haven’t got any reply yet. This morning I mailed Seagate again, but no reaction so far until afternoon. Not even an automated “We got your mail and will answer it!” mail.
So, if you’re in a similar situation you might ask yourself: “How can I get those firmware updates for my ES.2 drives then?”

Well, for me this trick worked quite fast:

  1. Go to the Seagate Contact Page
  2. Choose your region and country of Technical Support
  3. Click on “Chat” and wait…
  4. … and wait…
  5. … and wait…
  6. … and wait…
  7. Request your firmware update from the friendly support staff that appeared somewhen
  8. Check your emails
  9. Follow the instructions in that mail

Yes, I’ve had to wait nearly one hour until someone showed up in that chat window, but then it worked quite nicely: I’ve got my email, downloaded that ZIP file and … no! I didn’t updat the firmware yet. I think I’ll wait some more days, maybe until next week, and see if this firmware update is now working properly for others.
Maybe some will call me a coward, but I’m just following those friendly letters on that specific book you all know:

Don’t Panic!

My disks are still working and my UPS does so as well. So, no need to hurry… But it’s good to know that I could upgrade if I would like to… :->