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Xen and NFS performance

When I just started to read today, I realized that Russel Coker was speaking of an unknown tool to print the UUID, but that Debian version doesn't seem to do that.
broken font rendering
It's called fle apparently.
Sadly, an apt-cache showed that there's no package named fle. Then I realized that he was actually speaking of the good old tool called file - with an I between F and L!
Really, I wish the font rendering will improve in Lenny as this was on Etch... *sigh*



I've seen similar problems with CIFS/SMB over UDP. Once I tried using a Xen host to copy from an NFS NAS to a samba share -- I started to see NFS timeouts!

these are my nfs otions client side

and these server side:

I'm not sure this is the best you can do, but it seems working fine.
do you mind to share your settings ?

ps: I trust you with my email address ... :)

My settings are:



did you check if it possible to use jumbo frames with xen ?
basically the idea is to have a mtu of 9000 . This works well
with gigabit networks, but I'm wondering if it is possible to do the
same with xen...

Reg the nfs options, I suspect that most of the options we specify are
already the default. I've noticed that using async (even if may lead to problems in some case) speeds up things considerably.

Consider also a bigger rsize then the default one.


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