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Windows problems with Samba fileservers

Wie "Freiheit ist Sicherheit" heute mitteilt findet am 15. März 2008 wieder eine Demonstration gegen den Überwachungswahnsinn statt.
Genügend Zeit also, Unterstützer für diese Veranstaltung auf der Domplatte zu sammeln. :-)



Lately our Windows Server 2003 TerminalServer reports frequent errors when logging on. In fact, this only happens with
our secretary does her login... Anyway, Windows seems to loose chars of filenames it wants to copy from fileserver
(running Debian stabl

Thanks for the hint! Indeed there was a slightly outdated version of Samba installed and not the newest one.
I even noticed this before posting the blog entry and updated it accordingly, but posted the post anyway to shorten the time if the update wouldn't help. :-) seems to be the one that I hit. There are others/related bugs in the resolved section of the Samba page on bugs.d.o.

What is the bug number, please?

it is a debian samba bug. i had the same problem, did an update and everything was ok. there is an entry in the dbts

I guess that's no option for our secretary as she's very, well used to the way it is now. She's totally flat on her back just when one icon on the desktop changed... ;)

There are other filename in some directories that are even longer. So I don't think that's just the length of the filename or path.

I've seen that as well (coincidently, even with tb files). The reason is that the filename is too long.


This is not a Samba specific problem. It can also occur with Windows 2003 servers. What I have done with this problem, is to delete (rename) the profile of the user, which of course means that they will have to reinitialize all program specific data. Not the best solution, but it works.

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