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New Passport

Wie ich bereits gestern in einer Antwort auf Meike Reichle geschrieben habe, hatte ich vor, mir noch rasch einen neuen Reisepass ohne Fingerabdrücke zu beantragen. Das hat auch alles ganz gut geklappt: ich bin heute morgen zum Ortsamt 1 hier in Warnemünde gelatscht, wo ich erstaunlicherweise gleich als erstes dran kam, hab da meine Geburtsurkunde, Personalausweis und 59.- hingelegt (wovon ich aber nur die ersten beiden wiederbekommen habe) und muss nun 5 Wochen warten.

Zeit genug, die datenschutzrechtlich notwendige RFID-Schutzhülle beim FoeBuD e.V. zu bestellen. Die € 6.- dort sind bestimmt eine sinnvollere Investion in meine Sicherheit als die € 59.- in den Biometrie-Pass mit ohne Fingerabdrücken.



The german parliament has passed a law for retention of all communication data for a period of at least 6 months lately
- despite all protests from various groups, organizations and experts.
Only the opposition (the Greens and the FDP/Liberals) voted ag

As K. Ralho already mentioned: the Visa Waiver Program says, that you need to have either a machine readable passport or a biometric machine readable passport when you are a citizen of the participating countries.
So, sadly, my old machine readable passport without RFID chips has expired for a long time now, which made it necessary to get a new biometric and machine readable passport, which I ordered today - just before those will include your fingerprints.

But I agree with you that the EU politicians don't have the guts to raise all the data from US citizens that the US is raising from the EU citizens.

It doesn't matter. Google for the Visa Waiver Program.

"I don't know whether EU citizens need a visa without fingerprints".

Uh, yes you do, I just told you.


1. Don't visit the states (a perfectly reasonable choice), keep your prints to yourself.

2. Want to visit the states and get a Biometric passport - give your fingerprints to the BundesFingerPrintAmt, but don't need a visa.

3. Want to visit the states, but have a non Biometric passport - you need a visa, so you have to give your fingerprints the the nice man from Homeland Security (and the visa is expensive, takes lots of queuing, and might be refused because you're obviously a weirdo for not having the right kind of passport).

"Are you now, or have you ever been worried about your privacy".

As to whether the EU will fingerprint Americans, I doubt it, we don't have the balls of the Brazilians.

It's unnecessary and doesn't bring extra security, but instead it gives lot and lots of problems in return...
Other people have written very good articles about biometric stuff being nonsense and insecure.

I don't know whether EU citizens need a visa without fingerprints, but luckily the states are not the only country one can travel to. ;)
I just hope that the EU will gather the same data from US citizens in return...

I really don't get you guys...
What is so wrong in having your fingerprints there?

Don't bother doing this if you plan to visit the states - the whole point about having your fingerprints on the passport is to be able to get into the US without a visa. If you don't have a biometric passport you'll have to get a visa, and to get a visa you'll have to ... wait for it ... give 'em your fingerprints.


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