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Should m68k drop the Debian distribution?

Heute, irgendwann zwischen 10 und 11 Uhr, bekam mein Segelboot wieder Wasser unter den Kiel (und ringsherum ;). Nach einer geraumen Vorbereitungsphase (Abschleifen, Grundieren, 2x Anti-Fouling) und tatkräftiger Hilfe beim Aufbocken auf den Slipwagen von Jens, Peter, Georg und Hansi haben wir (Georg, Daniel und ich) das Boot ins Wasser geschubst, was relativ problemlos ging. Nun fehlt im Wesentlichen nur noch der Mast, gefolgt von einer entsprechenden Aufräumaktion unter Deck.
Und dann könnte es auch schon nächstes Wochenende mit dem Segeln losgehen. Jedenfalls hab ich mir vorgenommen, mehr als das eine Mal vom letzten Jahr zu segeln... ;)



I'm quite sure that Aba was referring to ignoring out of date m68k packages for testing propigation.

Sadly, I'm not suprised that your first reaction was to post a huge screed in your blog rather than asking for a clarification.

-- Joey Hess

Joey, would you prefer when I begin to reply on mailing lists again? I don't guess so. I think using a blog is perfectly fine for statements and better overall discussion style.
And when Aba meant out of date packages, then he should make it more clear.

I'm not sure what the main use cases for m86k are currently. But did anybody think about reducing debian m86k to a subset of the full distribution without the huge programs that take so long to compile (maybe except toolchain and other essential packages). That way there would be a baseline that works for buildds and is Securtiy/DSA supportable and have OpenOffice and bloatware like that supported only on a as time and resources permit basis?
Yes, it's a bit less universal, but i can't imagine running a lot of modern bloatware applications on m86k anyway.

Yes, Martin, that's my favorite way as well. Sadly, some porters see difficulties with this procedure: how can we decide which programs are needed and which we can easily omit? I can understand the dilemma of this decision, but if the porters don't decide, everything is lost.


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