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The big Debian day

Oh well... today I upgraded a server at my workplace from Sarge to Etch. This went fairly well EXCEPT that the machine was quite slow afterwards and Samba didn't work anymore. No problem, I thought, because during the upgrade the Samba was displaying a note that I'll need to change the passdb line, because it doesn't support chained backend lists anymore.
The problem was, that this didn't help. To make a long story short:
During the upgrade the file /etc/libnss-ldap.conf has been overwritten without any notification. There's even no /etc/libnss-ldap.conf.dpkg-old file.
Apparently the QA of the Etch release failed in this particular case. Am I the only one who's using LDAP?

Meebey hinted me to have a look at the config file. The problem is, that the config file has a Debconf header, which indicates that it is handled by debconf. I'm used to edit those files anyway, because usually debconf (or the package scripts) notices if the file was changed manually and gives a warning about this issue. Well, the libnss-ldap package seems to be rather dumb and doesn't recognize when something has been changed within its configuration file. So, removing the debconf header will prevent this from happening again. Thanks, Meebey!



Ingo, I can understand your frustration, annoyance and upset at what's happened to m68k and its status within Debian. Please don't take everything off line and give up: it's quite possible that Freescale / Coldfire processors (or whatever they're called - I can't remember at the moment) can get m68k back on track - there's nothing to stop
m68k synching up on a point release, is there? You've done a deal of hard work - please reconsider, because walking away now would devalue some of your effort.
Thanks for reading this. Andy

AFAIK nobody really knows where the "Universal Operating System" moniker came from; it was just made up one day by the website maintainers (or at least so I'm told by folks who've been around in Debian much longer than I). I'd be just as happy to see it replaced with something a little less grandiose.

Oh, I'm not frustrated! It's just a matter of what you put in and what you get out of it. For example, Spice is standing in our living room and the disks and fans are making noises, which is somewhat annoying and disturbing. Arrakis, another buildd, is suffering from SCSI termination problems after I've added another 9 GB disk. After the last crash, one of the filesystems (ext3 or jfs) is now fsck'ed. The machine is 450 km away from me and it's hard (near to impossible) to handle that issue by phone with my Dad. The point is: when we don't need to meet a release date, it's not all that important to have so many machines running.

Syncing with point releases is nothing I can remember that any of the Release Team members said that it would be possible.

And finally: I don't want to walk away. It's just about noisy machines and to save some kWh on my electricity bills.

The work on Buildd.Net is partly just a result of this. The other part is due to my day to day job. I simply don't have that much time anymore to spent on Buildd.Net like I was able to do when I was unemployed. Therefore I ask for help... ;)

Hmmm, does it matter to know the origin of this urban legend of being a "Universal Operating System"? The fact is: one of the biggest arguments for me for choosing Debian *is* the fact that I can run it on all of my hardware. And I've a lot of hardware: 3x SGIs, 1x Sparc, 3-4x m68ks, 2x PPC and some i386s. And now, I got the impression of being left out, standing in the rain by Debian with great parts of my used hardware. Note that I already use Ubuntu on some of my i386 hardware. If the trend continues to drop archs from the release, what reason should I have to continue with Debian? What arch is next to be dropped? Sparc? PPC? There's a general trend to only support mainstream archs as Ubuntu has dropped PPC support after the Apple switch as well. I'm a big fan of diversity and I really dislike every sort of monoculture, be it operating systems or be it architectures. A world just with Intel and AMD CPUs is a poor world.


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