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April 2008

Spamassassins spamds memory usage

Da ich ja durchaus schon früher über meine tollen Erlebnisse mit Alice-DSL berichtet habe, möchte ich das nun fortführen. Der Grund für das neuerliche Alice-DSL ist übrigens die Zweitwohnung in Berlin aufgrund des neuen Jobs in Berlin.

Naja, wie auch immer. Nach der Online-Bestellung gestern, bekam ich nun heute eine Email von Alice, daß noch die Daten des Vormieters fehlen würde, also Name und Telefonnummer und daß ich die fehlenden Daten im Kundenbereich im Web nachtragen könnte:

Das lustige dabei ist, daß oben steht, Name und Telefonnummer solle man nur eintragen, wenn man sie sicher kennt. Ansonsten solle nichts eintragen. Da ich weder Namen noch Telefonnummer vom Vormieter kenne, hab ich also brav nichts eingetragen und auf Weiter geklickt. Daraufhin kam dann der Hinweis hinzu, daß Name und Telefonnummer Pflichtfelder seien, also ausgefüllt werden müssen.

Testet Alice ihr Webinterface auch irgendwie mal?


SNMP == Snmpd Not Memory Proof

Some days ago I complained about snmpd having a memory leak in Debian Etch, which seems to be related to the Etch version, as someone commented there. Anyway, todays complaint is against spamassassins spamd and its memory usage:

top - 18:36:15 up 30 days, 5:17, 12 users, load average: 9.60, 4.95, 2.38
Tasks: 170 total, 2 running, 168 sleeping, 0 stopped, 0 zombie
Cpu(s): 0.6%us, 1.4%sy, 0.2%ni, 31.7%id, 66.0%wa, 0.0%hi, 0.0%si, 0.1%st
Mem: 1048576k total, 1041264k used, 7312k free, 0k buffers
Swap: 1048568k total, 695652k used, 352916k free, 35568k cached

31694 nobody 18 0 565m 360m 2396 D 1 35.2 0:08.45 spamd
23003 root 16 0 565m 344m 2456 D 0 33.6 40:54.15 spamd
27052 nobody 16 0 94216 40m 2456 D 0 3.9 0:29.96 spamd
9241 clamav 15 0 224m 39m 740 S 0 3.8 3:19.17 clamd
31711 nobody 15 0 89856 36m 2464 S 0 3.6 0:00.37 spamd
31750 nobody 16 0 89244 36m 2436 D 1 3.5 0:00.24 spamd
30751 root 15 0 87884 17m 2176 S 0 1.7 0:09.42 spamd

Some spamd processes are using a incredible amount of RAM, sometimes even eating up all memory including swap. I know that a bigger commercial site is suffering from the same problem as it was mentioned in their job interview with me lately.

Spamassassin is invoked by exim4 on my system during SMTP data checks with a condition like:

condition = ${if <{$message_size}{128k}{1}{0}}

So, this should ensure that only mails smaller than 128 kB are passed to spamd by exim. So, either that condition doesn't work (it should as it's basically the same as in the exim4 docs) or spamd is a memory hog even with small messages.
I wonder if there's any method to stop spamassassin from using that much RAM?


New Job

Something I already noticed in my previous company is the fact that snmpd is suffering badly from memory leaks.
For example:

13904 snmp 15 0 856m 837m 2268 S 0 64.2 0:13.02 snmpd

This is from an amd64 xen system, whereas on an i386 xen host it looks like:

3279 snmp 16 0 8064 1668 912 S 0.0 0.3 33:11.93 snmpd

Both are Etch systems, so same versions.

I've found Bug #421906 and my amd64 host is indeed using 2.6.18-6-xen-vserver-amd64 whereas my i386 is using 2.6.18-5-xen-686.
Does this mean that using 2.6.18-6-xen-amd64 would solve my snmpd problems, dear lazyweb?


Buildd.Net updated

Yesterday I signed the contract for a new job in Berlin. I'll start begin of June.
It's remarkable how fast the subscription to debian-jobs mailing list resulted in a new job, although I think that this is not necessarily the same for everyone subscribed there. :-)


Das Arbeitsamt: ein unerreichbarer Kundenservice

Spring is upcoming, the trees are getting greener and everything is new and shiny - and so is Buildd.Net as well!

After a long time of being based on static html files, it's now based on a CMS that makes changes and additions more easy and offers other useful stuff. Next to come is some sort of SVN or git repositry...

So, be invited to visit and participate on Buildd.Net!


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