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Mai 2007

Please stop it

Since the LinuxTag took place in Berlin this year, I was able to attend it. LT in Wiesbaden, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart or whereever else was just to far away for me for a short trip. But this year it was near enough to plan a short trip to Berlin and stay some days at the home of the relatives of my girlfriend.
Anyway, the LT itself was, well, smallish. After the show it was said, that there have been 9600 attendees. My impression during my visit on Thursday and Friday was the same: very few people visiting.

On one hand, this is nice, because it gives you the possibility to have some in-depth talks to people, which is more difficult when there are lots of visitors. On the other hand, this is bad, because it reflects the importance of the show: nearly null.

When I remember my visits to the Amiga fairs in Cologne in the 90s, the numbers are somewhat different: 65.000 visitors in 3 days.

But not only the numbers of visitors were disappointing, the exhibition itself was it as well. Many booths from community projects showed generic information about themselves. This might be nice and interesting for new users, but when the subtitle of the fair is "where .com meets .org" this is really what one might expect.
Of course, maybe you could have asked the people there for details, but when the booth is looking rather dull and the flyers just have some buzz words on it without more information (like on the FreeWRT booth), it made me passing on to the next booth.

Something positive: I think the lectures were good. At least those I attended.


Skandalautobahn A20

I think everyone knows about the issues between Sven Luther and the d-i team. This is going on for about a year now and although I'm usually a supporter of Svenl here, I have to admit that I can't hear/read it anymore.
So, please stop it now. Everyone!

Svenl, you did a great job for the PPC port in Debian, but there's so much in life beside Debian! Enjoy it! You're wasting your time and life if you insist in being right. Maybe you're right, but I don't that this does matter. Take a time off from the project and have a nice time with our stuff! Been there, done that and found it worthwhile! :-)

All others: I think it would be better to not respond to every mail by Svenl, especially when you're opposing him. This will make it even worse for him and for everybody else, too, because the impression of being insulted will grow with every mail that tells him to shut up.

Every party involved in this dilemma does have valid points. For example I would like to see some sort of Code of Conduct or a Social Commitee or anything else that will prevent such incidents over and over again.
I think it's highly unprofessional how Sven was pushed out of the d-i team. Sure, everyone can disagree with anyone else, but I expect DDs to be professional enough to work together despite their personal dislikenings. OTOH, Svenl didn't earn glory insisting every now and then of being mistreated and being right.

So, can we now stop that neverending story, please?

Service-Wueste Deutschland

Gestern hatte ich die große Ehre, eine der zahlreichen Baupannen der Bundesautobahn A20 live zu erleben.
Die Rede ist natürlich von der Blasenbildung bei warmem Wetter, wie wir es nunmal gestern so hatten. Wikipedia erklärt das sehr schön in dem Artikel. Aber es ist schon recht heftig, wenn man über die Beulen drüberrattert.


Ubuntu: the new universal OS?

Also da befinden sich die Mitarbeiter der Telekom nun im Streik, weil Herr Obermann die Service-Qualität für die Kunden verbessern möchte, da diese ihm scharenweise davonlaufen. Dazu sollen die Telekom-Mitarbeiter nun länger zu einem niedrigen Lohn arbeiten. Diese sind verständlicherweise davon weniger begeistert, daß sie die schwerwiegenden Managementfehler der letzten Jahre ausbaden sollen.

Wir hier wollen hingegen zurück in den Schoß von Mutter ·T···, obwohl wir bei der vielgelobten Konkurrenz mit unserem DSL sind - aber eben auch nur mit dem DSL und nicht mit dem gesamten Anschluß, denn das Telefon kommt immer noch von der Telekom.
Nun ist es aber so, daß Telekom und in unserem Fall Alice sich bei Störungen den Ball gegenseitig zuspielen. Nicht, daß wir übermaäßig viele Störungen gehabt hätten, aber wenn alles aus einer Hand geliefert wird, ist das halt unproblematischer.

Na, jedenfalls hatten wir letztens unser Reseller-DSL bei Alice gekündigt. Lustigerweise können wir aber nur einen T-DSL Anschluß bestellen, wenn wir die Kündigungsbestätigung von Alice haben. Die ist aber noch immer nicht eingetroffen. Eine telefonische Nachfrage hat letztens ergeben, daß die Kündigungsbestätigung 6 Tage vor Vertragsende zugeschickt wird. Warum? Das weiß wohl niemand so recht. Es ist aber davon auszugehen, daß die Telekom auch nicht soooo schnell sein wird, um das DSL innerhalb von 2-4 Tagen zu liefern - nicht vor dem Streik, nicht während des Streiks und nicht nach dem Streik.

Also wollte ich nun bei der Alice Hotline erfragen, ob es möglich wäre, die Kündigung wegen des Telekom-Streiks aufzuschieben. Nachdem ich mir nun all die tollen Ansagen angehört und mich mühsam durch das computergesteuerte Telefonmenü gehangelt habe, kommt die lapidare Ansage, daß derzeit der Anruf nicht entgegen genommen werden kann, weil alle Plätze belegt seien. Toll! Dafür verschwendet Alice meine wertvolle Zeit?! Wieso geht denn dann überhaupt der Computer ran und meldet nicht einfach, daß besetzt ist?
Immerhin hat die Alice-Hotline eine 0800-Nummer... *sigh*


G8-Gipfel: Die Freiheit der Demokratie

Well, when Ubuntu started it was said that it aims at the Desktop market. An enhanced Debian distribution for desktop users, so to say. In the meantime Ubuntu released Ubuntu LTS for servers and announced lately Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Edition.
Apparently Ubuntu becomes a direct opponent to Debian: first the desktop, next the servers and now embedded systems. I wonder when Debian will finally react and make some changes in order to compete with Ubuntu, because Ubuntu is simply that: a competitor.
And a quite successful competitor, I've to admit! I'm recommending Ubuntu instead of Debian now for new Linux users and I'm using Ubuntu on an increasing number of machines (mostly laptops) myself. Such things like packages stuck in new queue for 2 months are driving me away from Debian slowly. I would like to know what the newly elected DPL is going to do about this problem of losing ground to Ubuntu? I'm just curious.... :)

Note: Yes, I know that "universal OS" is somewhat of an urban legend...


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