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November 2006

Buildd.Net: etch-skolelinux added

Oh, well... in my last blog entry I stated that I'll move my drupal installation to my new server.

But I didn't know at that time that drupal has been orphaned and a grave bug has been filed to prevent it from being released with Etch. Very, very bad...

However, I've evaluated serendipity yesterday evening, but although it looks very nice and feels more speedy than drupal, it lacks some of drupals features like static pages (or I haven't found out how to do that).
And additionally, the Debian package of s9y has some issues when using a remote database. You can't start with a remote config using dbconfig -common (which is a really nice thingie on itself), but you have to abort the current debconf run, edit your config file of s9y in /etc/dbconfig-foobar/ and (really important!) fix a bug in /etc/serendipity/

Instead of $dbserver='yourserver'; it has to be $dbhost='yourserver';, because is being sourced in /usr/share/serendipity/www/ which has the following line:

$serendipity['dbHost'] = $dbhost;

So, it's really unlikely that s9y will ever know where your database server is. Alternatively you can change that line in /usr/share/serendipity/www/, of course.
Guess I'll have to file a bugreport about that.

Anyway, it would be nice if someone would adopt drupal and make it into Etch.


Blog migrating considered harmful

I'll move the drupal installation to a new host in the next days. So, it's somewhat likely that somthing will break. Sorry for that in advance... :)


Migrating to a new server

Ok, Dunc-Tanc (DT) is being discussed everywhere like here, here or here.

The reason for discussion is the amount of US-$ 6000 (or EUR 4800, as Marc Haber calculated).
For many of the readers that is really, really much money for just a month. Maybe it's even close to a yearly income in some other countries.

Many calculations and posts are dealing with living costs of Steve, costs of bureau rent, taxes, etc... but how about this calculation:

  • Many DDs are unemployed or studying.
  • An unemployed person (>1 year unemployed) gets so-called HartzIV in Germany, which is about 345.- EUR per month. Unemployed people are allowed to earn additional ca. 160.- EUR per month.
  • That will enable 30 unemployed Debian Maintainers, Developers or Users to earn some money for their living for a month. 30 people could be paid to do a BSP for a whole month.

Now, who will get more work done within a month, when you have to give away 6000 US-$? 1 person or 30 persons?
Recalculate this with your average income of your country. Maybe Joachim Breitner can tell you, how much work can be done in Ghana for 6000 US-$ and how many people can make a living out of this?

So, you might guess it: I'm not very pleased about that high amount of money that is being spent for a single person. I think the money could've spent more efficiently.


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